Terracotta and Faience

Precast, moulded clay blocks are often intricately detailed to create a stunning effect. Terracotta and faience often fracture due to structural movement and water ingress. Correct diagnosis is essential for successful repair. Gard Contracts has proven experience in the restoration and preservation of all manner of terracotta structures using the following techniques:

New Replacement Units
Detailed templates are taken from defective units to enable colour matched replacement blocks to be manufactured.

In Situ Repair              
In many cases, a particular unit can be restored using suitable repair mortars. Mortars are colour matched and profiled to suit.

An injection technique used to fill voids in the hollow blocks to reinstate integrity and prevent further destabilisation.

The correct mortar design plays a vital role in the long term durability of a masonry structure. We offer all types of Lime and cement based mortars.