Masonry Repair

Stone restoration and repair requires a keen eye and careful consideration to ensure works do not compromise the structural integrity of the building. We are passionate about finding the most appropriate solutions to enable historic buildings to thrive long into the future.

Once our experts have determined the cause of the stone deterioration we apply the most effective solution which can include:

New Replacement Stone
We work with a wide variety of quarries and stone masons allowing us to source the best match for replacement stone.

In situ Repairs
In many cases, a particular unit can be restored using suitable repair mortars which are colour matched and profiled to suit.

The correct mortar design plays a vital role in the long term durability of a masonry structure. We offer all types of lime and cement based mortars.

This technique involves the removal of friable stone back to a sound, weather proof base, removing the opportunity for moisture to rest.

A technique used to stabilise masonry structures by filling internal voids. We offer both cement and lime based products.

Used to reinstate structural integrity to fractured units, often avoiding the need for removal.

We offer all manner of cleaning methods including DOFF, JOS, traditional grit blasting and chemical cleaning.

Render Treatments
There can be several causes for render cracking or de-bonding from the substrate, including structural movement and water ingress.  Gard Contracts will diagnose the reason for failure and recommend a suitable solution to remedy defects.

Complete removal and replacement of render
If required, the existing render can be sent away for analysis to enable the replacement system to match the existing design.

Patch Repair
A sounding survey can be used to establish defective areas. Patch repairs allow good areas to be retained.

Fairing Coats
Used to give a uniform finish across an area, fairing coats offer the same protection as a much thicker system.

Resin Bonding
An injection system used to reinstate the bond between substrate and existing render.