Abney Hall Park, Cheadle

Gard restored the Grade II Listed garden wall at Abney Hall as part of a wider substantial refurbishment project. While the garden is no longer in existence, a new care home has been built on the site, the garden wall remains and has been given a new lease of life.

Scope of Works

  • Mortar samples taken and analysed to establish make up and enable a best matched mortar to be used for the works.
  • Constructed load bearing scaffold to clock tower, ventilation tower, gateways and areas of walls that had been altered during the 1980’s.
  • Removed coping stones and reduced wall levels back to original heights, prior to re-bedding coping stones to tie in with adjacent lines and levels.
  • Supplied and fixed new matching Witton Fell stone copings.
  • Removed vegetation from brickwork and stonework.
  • Lifted and re-bedded loose coping stones.
  • Cut out areas of modern brickwork and replaced them with reclaimed matching bricks.
  • Rebuilt buttresses and fixed new buttress caps.
  • Carefully dismantled and rebuilt areas of unstable brickwork to clock tower parapets.
  • Supplied and fixed new Witton Fell stone to gateway jambs.
  • Removed by hand, cementitious mortar and repointed with a natural hydraulic lime based mortar.
  • Installed bird deterrent netting to tracery window openings in ventilation shaft.
  • In situ repairs to tracery windows in ventilation shaft.
  • Replaced lead lining to clock tower guttering.
  • DOFF Cleaning to clock tower archway.
  • Consolidated friable stone arches.
  • Graffiti removal to brickwork. The roof of the ventilation shaft had been lifted by the corrosion of ferrous ties within the roof structure. This had caused the roof to lean and a number of the stone sections had fractured.
  • Dismantle and rebuild ventilation shaft roof. Meticulously  number all sections to ensure that they are re-laid to the same position prior to the roof being dismantled 
  • In situ repairs to fractured stone units