Bird Control Systems

As well as causing a serious Health and Safety issue, the presence of birds can accelerate deterioration and make for an unsightly appearance of any structure.  Once Gard Contracts has established the type and volume of infestation, we will use the most suitable method to prevent birds from causing further damage to the building. 

Netting Systems
The size and gauge of net used will depend on the type of bird effecting a building. Nets are available in a range of colours to best match the structure.

Sprung Wires and Needle Strips
To prevent birds from perching on ledges, both sprung wires and needle strips can be installed to the skyward surface at suitable spacing.

Bird Deterrent Gel
The gel is added to small, shallow pots that are fixed to the skyward surfaces of perching and roosting locations. The product appears like fire to the bird’s eyes. This leads the birds to change their perching and roosting habits and seek alternative accommodation.
The pots containing the gel are less than 10mm deep and cannot be seen from below making this a great alternative to more traditional methods of protecting our built environment.

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