Timber Repairs

We use a variety of traditional and modern techniques to repair and preserve timber structures.

Depending on the issue, Gard can offer a range of solutions:

Wet and Dry Rot Treatments
To combat rot, we use a variety of methods including spray applied fluids, boron rods or changing the environment in which the rot thrives.

Structural Beam Ends and Upgrades
Using modern materials we can reinstate a beam’s bearing and/or improve its performance.

Flitch Plate Installation
A method employed to either upgrade an existing section or to fix a new section to an existing member.

Replacement Like For Like
Matching timber, new or reclaimed is sourced to match the existing defective section.

Resin Injection and Pinning
A combination of stainless steel and resin is used to repair open joints and to repair and fill splits and shakes.

In Situ Resin Repairs
An excellent alternative to the replacement of a whole section.

Recently Completed Projects

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