Concrete Repair

Gard will correctly diagnose the source of the problem to ensure the most appropriate remedy is used. 

In situ Repairs
A patch repair technique used to reinstate the integrity of a defective component or structure.

Carbon Fibre Plate Bonding
Carbon fibre plates are used to upgrade a component or structure, a less invasive solution than installing additional steelwork.

Resin Injection
A technique used to repair structural and non-structural cracks, also used to prevent water ingress.

Cathodic Protection
Sacrificial and impressed current systems to prevent corrosion in structural steel.

Expansion Joints
New installations or the refurbishment of existing movement joints.

Protective Coatings
Applied to surfaces to extend the life of a structure by protecting it from carbon and chloride attack.

Recently Completed Projects

Safestore, Baker House, Leeds